An estimated 10-30% of road deaths are related to fatigue driving

Fuell Fleet

Wearable technology to improve employee safety within fleet management

Funded by Oxford University and the European Space Agency, we have been at the forefront of digital health innovation since 2011. Partnering with leaders in wearable technology to make health data more meaningful, we have delivered results for millions of users of mobile apps over the last 8 years.

Working closely with Garmin, we are making health wearable data a crucial part of fleet management and driver safety. By augmenting the data provided by in-cab cameras with actual physical data about the driver, symptoms that could pose potential risk are spotted before they can happen.

Our Fuell Fleet traffic light system allows us to understand if the driver is experiencing feelings of stress, fatigue or is at high risk of a medical conditions such as heart attack, and allows us to raise an alert before any potential accidents may happen.

Any data collected doesn’t breach an individual's privacy – but is used to help improve the health of drivers, potentially lower insurance costs and ultimately reduce accidents and injuries on our roads.

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25,000 accidents reported in 2017 involved a bus, coach, van, or HGV