Welcome to our first Q+A series with a member of the Fuell team.

Each month, we’ll be sharing what motivates our team to stay active.

Hey, I’m Katie, head of marketing at Fuell.

What is your favourite way to earn your Fuell points?

I’m pretty active and like to keep my Fuell points above the recommended 20 a day wherever possible.

Walking is my simple pleasure, I walk around 13,000 steps a day. Living in London it’s easy to utilise your surroundings to be active and move more, walking up the stairs and escalators at the station or getting off the tube or bus a couple of stops early.

I also try to run at the weekend, London has some great parks – plus I like to go with a friend or colleague to make it sociable experience too.

What are your current exercise goals?

I also box a few times a week, this is my favourite way to exercise and blow off some steam. It’s a great stress reliever, keeps my fitness levels high and allows me to work with some amazing people.

I mix up my training sessions with bag and pad work and sparring when possible. I absolutely love what boxing has brought to my life and it’s a perfect way of keeping on top of my mental health too. As someone that suffers with anxiety and in the past depression, I find exercise really helps me to manage a positive headspace. It’s not the ultimate fix but I feel much better and more focussed after I’ve exercised, and I look forward to this feeling daily.

I understand that not all people like to exercise as much as I do or have the time, or have the time, but even my morning walk from the tube makes me feel much better about the day ahead, and I would encourage people to try and walk more in their daily lives.

I’ve even got my mum now wearing a Garmin to track her 10,000 steps a day ?

How do you maintain an active lifestyle within the working day?

As with most people’s working life, it dominates the majority of the day. I try to walk in the morning for at least 15 minutes before work, and the same at lunch, and then hit the gym after work most days. Preparation is key, if I know I can’t train after work, I’ll go before.

The step challenges in Fuell really help too, we’re always competing to stay top of the leaderboard in the office. We find walking meetings are also a great way to keep active, and we try to fit these in each week.


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