Each month, we’ll be sharing what motivates the Fuell team to stay active.

Today we hear from John, our Founder.

What activity motivates you and why?

I’ve always loved running!

When I’m travelling for work, I always take my running gear with me. If I’m flying, I make sure the running gear fits the carry-on luggage. I’ve tried to run in every new city I’ve visited. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to run in some amazing places. Sometimes picturesque and others completely urban.

Running is my single biggest stress relief. After 20mins I’m usually in a much more reflective mood. It just seems to work for a better headspace. If I had one criticism about my training, I know I don’t put enough effort into strength and stretching exercises or even mix-up my cardio workouts. Having said that, recently I’ve been forced to rethink my exercise, as completely out of the blue I’ve picked up a knee injury that means I can’t run on it. This has actually led to me feeling quite depressed, but has forced me into trying other types of exercise, which I wouldn’t have before.

After a few years of borrowing a friend’s canoe, we’ve taken the plunge and bought one that fits me and my 3 young children in. We live on a stretch of the Thames in Oxfordshire allowing us to canoe for fairly long distances. It’s not so much a cardio workout but it has definitely been good for upper body strength and is an amazing outing and fun activity to do with the kids. I’ve also started cycling again, which the knee seems to be able to handle.  I’ve been adding more and more distance to mountain bike outings and even had an old road bike out on a couple of occasions.

The next step for me is to start putting in more effort with swimming. I’m not a bad swimmer but just never loved it. I’ve set myself the goal of swimming 1km again. I find setting a goal at the start of any new activity really helps to give me something to work towards. It’s important to set realistic goals, something that can be achieved with some work and dedication but isn’t so unrealistic that you will never achieve it. Start smaller and feel good when you hit that goal, and then progress onto the next one.

Injuring my knee has opened my eyes to other exercise again, which I am grateful for, especially when getting to enjoy so much of the activity in our British summertime. With running, swimming and cycling, I’m thinking maybe a triathlon is on the cards – knee permitting.

If you’re thinking about taking up a new form of exercise and need a little extra motivation, why not try the Fuell app?

Walking, running, swimming and cycling challenges are all available to help you exercise virtually with others, it’s free to use too, so no reason not to give it a try.

Fuell. Exercise Challenges. For Free.


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