Dave Conway Fuell Health Coach

Welcome to our newest member of the Fuell team

Dave Conway

Dave is our new Health Coach here at Fuell HQ – here to deliver coaching and advice, plus hints and tips to help you live healthier happier lives.

Here are a few insights from Dave on how he likes to keep motivated.

You started in the Police Force – How did you come to be a Health Coach?

After 30 years of high demand on the body in a high-stress environment, something had to give! I started to research my own health problems which led me to have a greater understanding of how the mind and body (gut) can work in harmony. This led on to a passion for the subject and my own better health. I’ve seen vast improvements in my life because of this and I want to pass on my experience!

What are your current exercise goals? 

My exercise goals are focussed on flexibility, strength and balance, which are mainly fulfilled by my yoga practice. However, I regularly like to raise my heart rate with a mixture of other activities, being cautious not to reach a state of ‘chronic cardio’, although I like to challenge myself around distances reached and hours put in.

What is your favourite way to earn Fuell points? 

I love syncing all of my activities on Fuell to maximise my points, whether it’s day to day steps, running, cycling or swimming events.  I love the innovative date specific challenges too, like the upcoming ‘Spooky Step Challenge’. I’m a big believer in making activity fun!

 What benefits do you see on your physical or mental health?

 The positive feeling the body enjoys following the release of endorphins after exercise, is hard to beat.  A routine of regular exercise combined with a healthy diet and sleep has helped me conquer and overcome darker times in my life.

 How do you integrate an active lifestyle within day to day life?

Since the birth of my children, we have always been a particularly active family, making it easy to always be out doing something.  My wife and children all have health tech wearables and challenge each other on a daily basis, even around the quality of our sleep!  Being a health coach enables me to maintain a healthy active lifestyle throughout the week and even when travelling.  There is always room in my bag for running kit and a travel yoga mat.  Bodyweight exercises allow me to maintain fitness, even when waiting for a train!

There will be more updates from Dave coming soon – If you’d like to speak to Dave about personalised coaching for exercise, nutrition, sleep or even just ways to find some moments of calm and balance in your life then get in touch.

Dave offers a variety of support options that can work for you and your busy day – Drop him a line: info@fuell.io

Fuell. Healthy people = Happy people.


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