Many of you will be embarking on a ‘Stoptober‘ plan this October: refraining from drinking, smoking, eating unhealthily, maybe restricting the time you spend on social media – trying to break those ‘bad’ habits that we adopt in our busy lives for the whole month. There are some great incentives and campaigns in place to get you going, working with others on the same journey, plus raise money for charity too in some cases!

You could also try to start something new as well! #Startober

Why not:
– Walk instead of taking the car
– Do 10,000 steps a day instead of 5,000
– Take the stairs instead of the lift
– Get off one bus stop before you get to work/home
– Have a walking meeting once a day

Anything that makes you move more!

Start with small daily goals that you can achieve – you’ll feel good at the end of the day when you have completed these, then plan your goals for the next day, this can help you to form new habits that will be easier to stick to.

You can also work with friends and family, or your colleagues/teams at work. Research shows, that with exercise you do more and do it for longer when partaking with others, you are more likely to stick to it and have more fun too.

If you’d like to start doing more exercise in your day and include your colleagues and friends, why not use Fuell to help?

All activity can be tracked in your smartphone, and it gives you access to live leaderboards and a messaging feed for encouragement.

Heck, we’ll give you a free challenge for you and 9 others to help you get more active in October!

Enhance your StopTober / Go Sober plans this year – Message us on the email below, quote ‘Startober’ and we’ll get your own challenge set up for FREE!



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