Each month, we’ll be sharing what motivates the Fuell team to stay active.

Today we hear from Cara, our Operations Manager.

What is your favourite way to earn Fuell points?

I like to stay fit and active by walking! I don’t drive so walking is definitely my first, favourite and only mode of transport. I try to challenge myself by walking more steps than the day before. I average around 15,000 steps a day.

What are your current exercise goals?

I have recently taking up running, it’s never really been my forte, but I’ve grown to love that feeling of being out in the sunshine and just taking in the fresh air. I’m trying to run at least 4 times per week at the moment. I’m steadily increasing my distance and pace rather than going full force, I find that this way I manage to stick to it, as I’m setting myself a new goal every time. This definitely makes me feel good!

What personal benefits do you see from being active?

Having recently been diagnosed with a mental health illness I have found that exercise and running has been the best medicine. It helps me to get out and clear my head when I need too, it feels so liberating to just be able to run and clear your mind!

I’ve also found myself actually thinking about things that I would never usually have time to think about like what’s for dinner next Wednesday… I’m only on Thursday! But it just gives you that space to be on your own and go over things in your head. I get home and walk in the door after a run and I feel like a new woman, until reality strikes and your 6 year old daughter has convinced her Dad that she is allowed to play with the slime on the sofa!


How do you integrate an active lifestyle with your working day and being a mum?

I have a very active 6 year old who wants to be just like her Mummy, so I’ve actually found it really easy to be able to maintain my active lifestyle whilst working part time and running a home! We have a lovely little routine now where every Saturday morning we will either run together, I say run together she will try her best then wait for me playing in the park whilst I do what feels like 100 laps to at least get 4km in, or my preferred option, which is the lovely scenic route running along the river Thames whilst she rides her bike.

Either way it’s so nice that at such a young age she is very aware of the positive effects that exercise has on your health and mind and she is so keen to do it! She is my little cheerleader and motivator, she’s the one that says, “are you running today Mummy” and that’s exactly why I do it – because if I didn’t I’d not only be letting myself down, but I would be letting her down too.

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"Cara Maskell is the Office & Finance Manager at Fuell."

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