As many of us commit to having an alcohol free January, and some have fallen off the wagon already –

We wanted to highlight some of the benefits to help keep you on track and keep those habitual end of the week beers at bay.

It takes 21 days for the body to form a new routine and break an old habit, so one month is the perfect time to cut alcohol out of your lifestyle and hopefully keep those benefits with you throughout the year.

Alcohol Change UK found that out of the people that committed to dry Jan in 2018:

–  71% of participants had a better nights sleep

–  67% had more energy

–  58% of participants lost weight

Many also reported improvements in their skin and a healthier complexion.

Not to mention the financial benefits, 88% of participants said they saved money, with the average adult spending £50,000 on booze in their lifetime.


Sadly every hour in the UK one person dies as a result of alcohol. It is a factor to more than 60 medical conditions, with an estimated 589,101 dependent drinkers and only 20% receiving treatment.

Alcohol costs the NHS 3.5 Billion pounds each year in England alone, and has seen 167,000 working years lost in 2015.


There are some great supporting websites and apps to help you through the dry month if you need any extra motivation.

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Research based on Alcohol Change UK’s 2018 findings



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