Blue Monday has been and gone, and despite it being a fabricated day developed by marketer’s, it is true that many of us will be feeling a change in mood that January can bring.

It’s not all doom & gloom however – Exercise can help!

The mental health foundation conducted a test to see if exercise does really impact our mood.

The study asked people to rate their mood after periods of inactivity, and then after a workout or session of physical activity.

The research concluded that participants felt more content, more awake and calmer after being active.

Further research on employed adults found that those who are active, and workout regularly, have lower stress levels compared to those who are less active.

We feel content after a workout because of the ‘feel good’ endorphin chemical that gets released into our brain.

Exercise forces the mind to focus on the physical activity, instead of any potential anxious thoughts or insecurities and stops us scrolling through social media.

When starting to exercise it’s important to find a physical activity that works for you and one that you feel comfortable doing.

You don’t have to throw yourself into a rugby match, or run a marathon…  start small. Try a 20 minute walk at lunch time.

Go with a colleague, it’s much easier to exercise with a friend and encourage each other to achieve your goals. Have a little friendly competition – all will help you to keep enthusiastic and focused.

And over time your confidence will grow, you will notice a positive change not only to the way your body looks, but also your mood will lift, and you should notice an increase in mental alertness and your engagement with activities, (even work) will improve.

At Fuell we’re all about getting you active, why not register a team today and try it for free. 

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