Driver fatigue

Physiological fatigue detection delivering effective and timely drowsiness alarms. 

Stress detection

Multiple sensor inputs and learning algorithms unique to every individual person.

real-time tracking

HealthScore protection when it is most needed. 


Driver fatigue is extremely important now. It becomes even more so in the future!

Autonomous vehicle drivers must remain in control and not become drowsy or fall asleep. Fuell provides the means for autonomous passenger monitoring. 

Designed to be Flexible

The Fuell Healthscore platform has been designed to work out-of-the-box or integrated into an existing ecosystem. 


Fuell HealthScore is available to trial in our own Fuell branded smartphone apps for IOS and Android or can be integrated into your existing smartphone app through our developer Software Development Kit (SDK).


Designed to prevent unnecessary sharing of private health information. We use edge computing techniques and data aggregation to protect highly personal data.


Leverage the HealthScore APIs to create and build your own control centre or use our pre-built demo control centre for testing.


Combine sensor data to understand behaviours such as stressful routes, driver fatigue and shift patterns.

How it works

Fast, effective tracking

Fuell HealthScore can be delivered to a fleet of drivers as a standalone solution delivered over smartphone or embedded within existing vehicle systems. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your specific needs.


Connect a Garmin Wearable to the Fuell HealthScore smartphone app.


Fuell HealthScore fatigue algorithms can leverage existing driver facing cameras.


Leveraging the power of the smartphone to deliver tracking anywhere and maintain privacy.

API Driven

Developer toolkit to allow integration with management systems and existing apps.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Fuell Platform has been deployed in my company for several months. Not only has Fuell provided insight to our employees underlying stress, sleep and exercise patterns, it has delivered a new level of protection when it matters most – when our employees are driving.

General Manager

Fuell Trial

Fatigue is a major problem in certain industries. Having worked with the team at Fuell for several years, I applaud them of taking physiological fatigue detection from the lab into the real-world and making it accessible.  Their ability to track underlying health metrics and indications of issues like Sleep Apnea which can cause fatigue is a significant step forward.

Adam Haque

Consultant Cardiologist

Using an app developed by Fuell, drivers can monitor the duration and quality of their sleep in the last 24 hours, find out more about their stress levels before, during and after each shift, and identify potential risks and patterns. As well as improving overall safety, these devices make the most of gamification, creating company incentives and active driver buy-in to lower health risks.

Andrew Overton, CEO


Understand how Fuell works

Our Team

Our team are based in the UK and India.

John Stuart

John Stuart


Philip Ranger

Philip Ranger


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