Our Solutions

Our patent pending solutions are grounded in the very cutting edge of Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

  • Driver Monitoring Systems

    Detection of both driver fatigue and distraction in a single solution.

  • Sport Monitoring Systems

    Individual Player movement tracking and collision detection. identifying potential incidents that can be used by Physiotherapists and team Doctors to better manage players and concussion.

  • Medical Monitoring Systems

    Remote unobtrusive patient monitoring solutions for all ages. Fuell provides Clinicians and Carers to with the tools to better manage patients.

Driver Monitoring Systems

The Fuell Driver Monitoring System (DMS) combines multiple sensors to provide drivers with the ultimate protection

Fuell combines physiological drowsiness detection with computer vision techniques to monitor distraction whilst keeping an eye on the road ahead for potential danger

The Fuell DMS learns an individual drivers behaviour and integrates with their Garmin smartwatch to create a profile before the drive even begins

Launching in Spring 2022, the Fuell DMS system can be installed in any vehicle and tracking begins immediately with or without a Garmin

Sports Monitoring Systems

Every player is monitored throughout the game

Identifying useful statistics such as speed, distance and location on the pitch or court

Specifically looking for player collisions or falls that can be flagged to medical staff for review

Collision statistics include head movement and speed, an indicator the player may have experienced a concussion event

Medical Monitoring Systems

When you need to keep an eye on a patient or family member

Movement detection

Remote heart rate sensing

Remote breathing rate

Infant sleeping position and breathing monitor

Remote Elderly monitoring

The Fuell Team

We are a group of award winning product designers, engineers and system developers.

Our team has been working together for over 8 years.

We are a carbon neutral business committed to diversity and inclusion.

Business Timeline & Investment

Fuell have already developed significant industry partnerships ready for launch of our first product.

  • Oct 2019

    Physiological Drowsiness Detection research begins

  • Jan 2020

    Seed investment received

  • Sep 2020

    Physiological Drowsiness Detection research begins

  • Apr 2021

    Fuell receive UK Innovate SMART backing

  • Jul 2021

    3rd party research validates Fuell drowsiness algorithm.

  • Sep 2021

    DMS prototype delivered.

  • Oct 2021

    Patent Pending.

  • Spring 2022

    Launch of first product line Driver Monitoring System

Our story continues to grow. If you’d like to join the team or become an investor please get in touch.